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ZAUGG Snow Beast Walk Behind Snow Blower

Snow Beast Snow Blower - Large Diesel Walk Behind Snow Blowers For Sale in Colorado
Large Snow Blowers Walk Behind
Tracked walk behind snow blowers - electric snow blowers
Zaugg Snow Beast walk behind snow blower

The Largest Walk Behind Snow Blower

The ZAUGG Snow Beast is in a class of its own with its very large multi-cutter snow blower head, massive power and incredible snow throwing distance. The feature list sounds more like those found on a skid steer or snowcat - massive diesel power, hydrostatic drive, hydraulic control, special tracks and more. ZAUGG has also brought their large snow blower technology to the Snow Beast with features such as hydraulically controlled chute operation, blower head rotation both laterally and front to back, as well as raising and lowering of the cutters to position the snow blower exactly how it is needed to remove ice and snow cleanly.


The ZAUGG Safety Clutch

One of the special features of ZAUGG snow blowers is the patented Safety Clutch. Using a set of springs with a bearing plate to allow the blower head to stop completely the moment a hard object is hit, the Safety Clutch completely offsets any harmful impact to the transmission, turbine, frame, or engine of the machine. Once the drive axle stops completely, the clutch re-engages and is ready for more snow blowing action.

Purpose Built

The ZAUGG Snow Beast fills a role as the massive snow removal device for those special locations that demand it. ZAUGG has also designed an electric powered version for use high in the mountains of Switzerland at the glacier observation areas such as Jungfrau in the Bernese Alps.
Engine: Kubota Diesel 54 hp

Clearing Width: 47 inches

Clearing Height: 43 inches

Drive: hydrostatic 2 stage

Weight: approx. 2,800 lbs

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