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ZAUGG SF72E Economy Snow Blower Attachment

ZAUGG SF72E Economy snow blower attachments for tractors in Colorado
Municipal snow blower dealer in colorado - ZAUGG SF72E Snow Blowers
Tractor snow blower attachments - ZAUGG SF72E
ZAUGG SF72E Snow Blower - snowcat snowblower attachment

Reliable & Economical Snow Blowers

Are you on a tight budget but still want a dependable, long lasting snow blower for your tractor or other medium size vehicle? ZAUGG has a line of economy snow blowers that feature the reliability and performance you expect from the Swiss engineers at ZAUGG, but are more lightweight and use shear bolts instead of the Safety Clutch. Based on your carrier vehicle, ZAUGG will include the right gear ratio to get the maximum snow blowing power.

Zaugg Snow Blower Chutes
There are 3 types of ejection chutes to choose from for your SF72E snow blower - a basic lightweight economy model, a standard stainless steel model with a curved shape for maximum aiming control, and a strengthened steel model to handle relentless rocks/debris found in areas that use rock for traction on icy roads. Frictionless materials are added to provide maximum casting distance.

ZAUGG's snow blower cutters are designed with protruding edges to cut through hardpacked snow and grind up solid ice, and the plow edge is made of the hardest of materials for long lasting performance.

Mounting the SF72E Economy Snow Blower

During the manufacturing process, ZAUGG uses drawings and measurements from your carrier vehicle to ensure that the mounts and drive mechanism line up correctly so that your snow blower mounts flawlessly from the start. The SF72E Snow Blower can be driven via Power Take-Off or hydraulically.

SF72E-70 Economy Snow Blower

Model Cutter
Weight Power Required
SF72E-70-140 28 in 55 in 28 in approx. 990 lbs 41-103 hp
SF72E-70-150 28 in 59 in 28 in approx. 1,010 lbs 41-103 hp
SF72E-70-160 28 in 63 in 28 in approx. 1,040 lbs 41-103 hp
SF72E-70-180 28 in 71 in 28 in approx. 1,060 lbs 41-103 hp
SF72E-70-200 28 in 79 in 28 in approx. 1,080 lbs 55-110 hp
SF72E-70-220 28 in 87 in 28 in approx. 1,100 lbs 55-110 hp
SF72E-70-246 28 in 97 in 28 in approx. 1,150 lbs 55-110 hp
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