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ZAUGG SF55E Economy Snow Blower Attachment

Zaugg Snow Blowers in Colorado - SF55e Snow Blower Attachment
SF55E Snow Blower attachment - lawn tractor snow blower
Small snow blower attachment - ZAUGG sf55e economy
Truck mounted snow blower - SF55E ZAUGG Snow Blower Attachment

Superior Snow Blowers at an Affordable Price

With ZAUGG's line of economy snow blower attachments, you still get a well engineered snow blower that is dependable and powerful. The economy models are lighter weight and come standard with shear bolts rather than ZAUGG's patented safety clutch, but the working components of the snow blower are similar and offer the same performance. ZAUGG engineers design gear boxes with the right gear ratio to get maximum power from the available horsepower of your carrier vehicle.

Want a walk behind snow blower with the powerful SF55E Snow Blower Head? See the Gravely Rapid with ZAUGG Snow Blower.

Zaugg Snow Blower Chutes
The ejection chute design provides the greatest casting distance, allowing you to put the snow where you want it. ZAUGG offers 3 models of ejection chutes - a basic economy model, the standard lightweight stainless steel model, and a strengthened steel chute to handle constant rocks / debris.

The cutters feature an extruded edge to eat through hard packed snow and break up solid ice, and the plow blade is made from the hardest of materials.

Mounting the SF55E Snow Blower

ZAUGG uses measurements and drawings of your carrier vehicle to ensure that the mounting adapters / plates and drive line up exactly so that the snow blower mounts to your vehicle from the start. Power can be supplied from either Power Take-Off or hydraulically.

SF55E-45 Economy Snow Blower

Model Cutter
Weight Power Required
SF55E-45-85 22 in 33 in 18 in approx. 340 lbs 11-30 hp
SF55E-45-100 22 in 39 in 18 in approx. 360 lbs 14-30 hp
SF55E-45-130 22 in 51 in 18 in approx. 400 lbs 14-30 hp
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