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ZAUGG Vehicle Mounted Snow Blower Attachments

Whether your vehicle has hydraulic drive or power take-off, 3 point hitch or other mount, 10 hp or 300 hp - ZAUGG can mount a snow blower to it and provide you the best performance to power ratio. Using measurements and vehicle drawings, ZAUGG engineers provide the necessary mounting and drive system for your vehicle. Each application is professionally handled by our staff to ensure correct application, mounting, and driving, for a perfect fit the first time.

Small Snow Blowers

Small single axle tractors / skid steers with 10 hp to 50 hp


Medium Snow Blowers

Tractors, trucks and skid steers with 40 hp to 100 hp


Large Snow Blowers

Large tractors, trucks and other vehicles with 70 hp or more



Twin chute and custom snow blowers

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