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ZAUGG Self Contained 110hp Snow Blower - Loader Mounted

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Self contained snow blowers in Colorado

Small & Nimble

Owners of small wheel loaders such as the Volvo 25/30/35/40 models, CAT 914/924 models, and others have found a small self contained snow blower that is as manueverable as their wheel loader - the ZAUGG 110hp Monobloc. The self contained snow blower features a Cummins 4 cylinder diesel engine tightly squeezed into a small footprint to keep weight down and the wheel loader well balanced. The snow blower features all of ZAUGG's supreme engineering, with an SF72 professional snow blower head, a transmission designed to get maximum power from the engine, the patented ZAUGG safety clutch and a brake installed on the drive shaft for additional safety. All working parts, electrical and hydraulic components are easily accessible from doors on the sides of the unit.

ZAUGG self contained snow blower options - different snow blower chutes
The chutes included with the 110 hp self contained snow blower are designed for the greatest throwing distance, allowing you to aim the snow where you want it. The options include a basic economy model, a standard lightweight stainless steel model with a mechanically curved design, and a strengthened steel model for constant rocks / debris.


The ZAUGG Safety Clutch

Zaugg snow blower safety clutch
The ZAUGG self contained snow blowers come standard with the patented safety clutch, which results in little maintenance due to its ingenious design using a bearing plate and springs. When a hard object is hit, the clutch immediately disengages before any impact is sent to the working parts and engine of the machine. Once the transmission is disengaged and the drive axle stops, the clutch automatically re-engages and is ready for more snow blowing, without any need to change shear pins.

More Features

Snow Blower Joystick Controls
The ZAUGG self contained snow blowers feature a digital control system with a joystick and display for simple control access to the status of the machine. An emergency stop button is easily accessible inside the cab, as well as on the machine itself (with a brake located on the driveshaft to quickly shut the snow blower off).

The hydraulic and electrical system is neatly configured for easy access, with doors conveniently located on the machine, and one cable for electrical controls with a connector leading to the cab of the loader. This enables the machine to quickly be mounted or removed within 10 minutes so that the wheel loader can get back to work on other projects.

110 hp with SF72-70 Snow Blower Head

Model Cutter
Weight Min. Static Tipping
SF72-70-200 28 in 79 in 28 in approx.
7,700 lbs
SF72-70-220 28 in 87 in 28 in approx.
4,300 lbs
7,800 lbs
SF72-70-246 28 in 97 in 28 in approx.
4,500 lbs
8,000 lbs
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