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ZAUGG Rolba - Large Snow Blower Chassis

Large Snow Blower vehicle - ZAUGG Rolba

A Large, Fully Contained Snow Blowing Machine

For years, ZAUGG operators have been asking for a large snow blowing vehicle that offers maneuverability and the best drive power to the snow blower head that can only come about by designing the vehicle and snow blower together as one machine. Introducing the Rolba - Zaugg has acquired one of Europe's top carrier vehicles to incorporate their well engineered snow blower head. The chassis of the Rolba has been designed to be rigid with robust suspension to transmit maximum power to the snow blower.
snow blower chassis - comfortable roomy interior

Roomy Interior

The spacious cab offers plenty of room and a comfortable working environment for the operator. The control layout puts everything within reach, with dials such as snow blower and engine rpm easily viewable.
Zaugg Rolba Large Snow Blower

Superb Visibility

The Rolba features heated windows on all sides, giving the operator a clear view of the entire work area in every situation. The additional skylight gives a direct view of the snow blower chute.
Rolba Snow Blower Chassis special turning

Steering Modes

With the Rolba, you can precision steer to maneuver the machine where you need it and get out of difficult situations. Shift effortlessly between front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel and crab steer at any time.

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