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self contained snow blower - large loader snow blower

ZAUGG Snow Blowers & Snow Plows - High Volume Snow Clearance

CUT THROUGH ICE and snow with ease with a ZAUGG snow blower - built as an attachment for any size of vehicle, self contained for loaders, or self propelled. Many ZAUGG snow blowers feature the patented safety clutch that keeps maintenance minimal.
DESIGNED FOR EFFICIENCY - the new Rolba from ZAUGG offers the best in snow blowing technology. The machine combines optimal weight distribution, maximum power to the blower, safety, and comfort in the cab to make your work easy.
GET MORE AGILE with a self-contained ZAUGG snow blower on the front of your machine, featuring big power with the weight distributed for maximum maneuverability and easy to use controls in the cab. The large loader-mounted snow blowers are available with direct ejection chutes and standard discharge spot chutes.
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