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ZAUGG Half Pipe Design - Pipe Monster

Zaugg Half Pipe Groomers - Pipe Monster
Building a snow super pipe - Zaugg Pipe Monster
Snowboarding half pipes - super pipe design
Zaugg Half Pipe Designer - Pipe Monster
Snowboarding half pipe competition - Zaugg Pipe Monster
Zaugg Pipe Monster - building a super-pipe

Imagining A Super-Pipe

As the sport of winter half pipe competition progressed, the demand for bigger, more extreme features required the introduction of a massive half pipe groomer. Zaugg turned to the knowledge of aeronautical engineers to develop a machine with similar characteristics of an airplane wing - it had to be very lightweight, able to flex, and withstand high stress for long periods of time without failure. The Zaugg Pipe Monster was born and made history, creating a world standard for professional super-pipes at 22' in height.

Today, competitors can do tricks no-one ever thought possible when riding in a ZAUGG half pipe, such as jumps over 20 feet above the deck (40 feet above the ground).
Half Pipe Designers - Zaugg

Zaugg's Elliptical Shape

In the early days of half pipe competition, the machines that built them were agricultural in nature - they operated similar to a grain elevator and created circular shaped half pipes. These machines were heavy, often requiring 2 snowcats to help pull it up the mountain. They were slow, taking 2-3 times as long to build a pipe as a ZAUGG, and they frequently broke down. These pipes were dangerous as riders did not have a good take-off or landing in the pipe.

Zaugg designed an elliptical shape which makes for smoother landings and more speed for the riders, allowing for more jumps each run. Professional riders and terrain park builders today demand a ZAUGG-built half pipe.

Half Pipe Design - low maintenance

Low Maintenance

The ZAUGG Pipe Monster requires very little maintenance due to it's supreme engineering, and suffers very little downtime. Mounting and removal from the snowcat can be performed in as little as 15 minutes, allowing it to be part of the grooming fleet.

Power: Single hydraulic motor

Speed: Up to 25 feet per minute (Average 900 feet per hour)

Lateral Movement: 5.9'

Mounting: Quick mount to push frame of cat

Weight: approx. 3250 lbs

Size: Either 18' or 22' wall height

The machine really runs well and transports easy. It pretty much is a nice setup with the gauge and all inside the cat. It is a dream to use this machine compared to the super dragon, this 500 foot long pipe can be cut in about 3-4 hours instead of 6-8 hours.
-Park City, Utah
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