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Half Pipe Groomer - Zaugg Pipe Monster

ZAUGG Half Pipe Designers

THRILL YOUR GUESTS with ultra smooth and fast snow tubing lanes built using a ZAUGG Tubing Designer.
Able to build rounded tubing lane walls either 8 feet or 11 feet in height, the Tubing Designer will create attractions that will be a hit with both kids and adults.
BUILD BEGINNER HALF PIPES and quarter pipes with an 8 foot or 13 foot Pipe Designer Inline.
The ZAUGG's unique elliptical shape makes features safe for riders of all levels, and the simple and quick upkeep using the PDI will keep your half pipes smooth and attractive to visitors.
THE INDUSTRY STANDARD pro super-pipe has for years been built using a ZAUGG Pipe Monster. Events such as the Winter Olympics, US Open Snowboarding Championship, the ESPN Winter X-Games, the World Cup, and many, many more events around the world have been built with either an 18 foot or 22 foot Pipe Monster.
We saved 70% in the time to cut and maintain the pipe and 120% in cost of operation on the Pipe Monster in the first year!
-Okemo Mountain Resort, Vermont
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