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PBL Enterprises / Zaugg America

In spite of what you may have been told PBL Enterprises is still alive and well. We can no longer sell new Zaugg Equipment, but we still sell used and rebuilt Zaugg Equipment and New, Used and rebuilt parts. We still have a large Zaugg parts inventory of new and good used. We have new parts that are manufactured here in the US which will save our customers money. We are working with several manufacturers to produce many more parts which will be available soon. Along with this news our customers can still get advice and support from our twenty years of experience.

PBL Enterprises, Inc. North American Distributors of Zaugg snow blowers
In 1999, PBL Enterprises, Inc became the North American distributor of Zaugg equipment, and soon brought in the half pipe groomers to transform the US ski industry. Zaugg machines in North America are fully serviced and parts are stocked locally. Parts can be shipped overnight and a service technician on site if needed.

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