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Zaugg Pipe Monster Half Pipe Designer

ZAUGG - Setting Standards in Terrain Park Design & High Volume Snow Clearance

Half Pipe Design

Looking to build massive new features in your terrain park? Using a Zaugg Pipe Monster or Pipe Designer Inline is the industry standard tool, having built half pipes and quarter pipes for the winter X-Games, US Open, USA Nationals, Winter Olympics and many, many more events around the world.

The Zaugg's cutting power can quickly build half pipes, and it's unique elliptical shape makes features safe for riders of all levels.

Snow Clearance

The more official side of Zaugg produces machines that are all work and no play - municipal snow blowers from small to large, as well as snow plows with a unique trip edge system. These machines are designed to remove large amounts of snow quickly, safely and efficiently.

Mounted on vehicles from small single axle tractors to large loaders, Zaugg snow clearance equipment tackle snow from sidewalks to runways, and are built to be dependable and require little maintenance.

A Little History

Zaugg snow equipment factoryOriginal Zaugg Factory
Zaugg Ag Eggiwil FactoryFactory in Eggiwil, Switzerland
Zaugg Ag Eggiwil is an agriculture/snow removal machine company located in the heart of Switzerland. The company started building wooden mould-board plows over 120 years ago. Since then Zaugg has built a wide range of products. In the past 80 years, Zaugg focused its technical expertise in the field of snow removal.
Zaugg snow blowersFirst Self Contained Snow Blower

The ZAUGG Snow Blower

Through many studies and test trials, the engineers at Zaugg and a Swiss University were able to make a 2-stage snow blower that has the maximum snow moving ability per horsepower. These studies focused on the size and shape of the turbine, using water to test distance. The result is a highly engineered snow blower that is dependable and safe.
Zaugg pipe monsterZaugg Pipe Monster

Half Pipe Design

In the early '90s, ZAUGG engineers saw the current state of half pipe building and looked to transform the industry using their expertise with snow removal. What resulted is a world class half pipe groomer known as the Pipe Monster.

ZAUGG in the US

Zaugg first ventured to the United States many years ago to introduce their snow blowers to the harsh conditions of the Lake Tahoe region in California. Today, these same snow blowers can still be found there working diligently through the severe winter storms that frequent the area.
PBL Enterprises, Inc. North American Distributors of Zaugg snow blowers

In 1999, PBL Enterprises, Inc became the North American distributor of Zaugg equipment, and soon brought in the half pipe groomers to transform the US ski industry. Zaugg machines in North America are fully serviced and parts are stocked locally. Parts can be shipped overnight and a service technician on site if needed.
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